Open Your Asia ! Culture x Music Festival

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"Beyond the boundaries of time and space, through a bridge that connects the world with culture, we meet the wonders of different cultures coexist."
Open Your Asia !
Culture x Music Festival
Show your Asia! United
“Culture Bridge Festa”
  • Event Title

    Culture Bridge Festa

  • Date

    Oct.14th (Fri)~Oct..16th (Sun) in 2022

  • Venue

    Yeouido Hangang Park Event Plaza

  • Program

    Experience Exhibition Hall, Stage Screening Hall

  • Host

    Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange

  • Organizer

    Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange

Beyond physical and time boundary Five -sensitivity world festival from Herb Vietnam of Asian Culture to Kazakhstan in Asia
Points to note Various traditional cultural programs that convey the emotion of local travel Hoi An in Korea? Is Almaty in Korea?
The world trip to the nearest place!
  • Hoi An and Almaty in Korea ???

    The streets of Vietnam and Kazakhstan consisting of image walls

  • "Non La" decorating

    Decorate your own Vietnamese traditional hat

  • Reality content experience

    Traveling to Vietnam and Kazakhstan beyond time and space

  • Experience of realistic contents

    History view where you can experience the Korean national souls flowing in Kazakhstan

Traditional culture experience Culture experience leaving for Vietnam and Kazakhstan Feel the various attractions, fun and food culture!
Common program Everyone in Culture Igio is freely Participate, commemorate, and leave memories!
  • Culture Bridge Festa
    World Painting

    Please complete the value of the world's peace, harmony, and friendship with your participation!

  • Caricature

    Visit Culture Izio In commemoration of the passport Caricature look at this.

  • "Culture Bridge Festa" Four cuts

    Vietnam, Kazakhstan In the background unforgettable Leave your memories

Stage performance program Oct. 15th -16th The charm of traditional performances, pleasure beyond imagination! Experience the vivid emotion of the scene together.
Live commerce Oct. 15th The taste and beauty of Vietnam and Kazakhstan, pleasure beyond imagination! Live commerce with YouTubers!
※ Live commerce hours may change slightly.

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